Antony Micallef

Last Tuesday we went to the opening event of viagra tabs Antony Micallef’s “Impure Idols” art exhibit in Hollywood with our good friends Leena and Ameet. Thanks to Simone who got the special invites from Claire Joseph. I was quite moved, and the strong impressions I have of his art are still lingering in my mind.

I appreciate the way he weaves in images of pop culture, random artillery, and children with his messages on the ills of consumerism. Leena has an interesting post with more on Antony’s art and the impact it has had on her own personal creativity. Definitely a very special night as we left with a renewed sense of expression and a committed intention to experience more of the contemporary art emerging out of the UK.

Antony Micallef

Maiden Props

Long-live the creators. Inspired and inspiring beings who bless us with better ways, their art, and overall goodness.

Creature Coats on the Prowl in San Francisco

A favorite example is this piece from Simone Schulz (Creature Coats on the Prowl in San Francisco).  An effort in memory of a dear lost friend Jay Muchhala, a beautiful, colorful man who motivated others by his example.