I’m advising a committed group of activists hell bent on changing the world. Our project is called Giveback, and it’s a community news driven site where you can become informed on issues and causes that you might not otherwise find on mainstream media.

More importantly, with Giveback you can take immediate action on the causes that motivate you at the very moment you feel most inspired. Most of us read news, blogs, and articles that move and touch us every day. Unfortunately, the feelings that rise up within us dissipate, and we go on about our busy lives. Giveback is a forum designed to show people how they can take immediate action, right when they most feel it, by linking news directly to related organizations. Check it out at This is just the beginning.

The story of Giveback originated in February 2007 at the Sweetspot Studios warehouse where Darin McFadyen (aka Freq Nasty) insisted we gather an eclectic group of musicians, producers, technologist, activists, and concerned citizens together to discuss how we can all work together to make the world a better place. To start things off, a group of about 50 people watched “the US vs. John Lennon“. The movie showed Lennon in action using his media attention to push a social and political agenda. He was relentless in his pursuit of world peace. It dawned on all of us that this is the kind of attitude and energy we need to be putting out there in the world: if it’s broken, pick up a tool and try to fix it. Don’t just stand there bitching about it or turn your back on the problem. That may have sufficed for the first four years of this presidential travesty, but for most of us, especially me, it won’t suffice any more. So we decided to do something — anything — to make a positive change. Out of that first meeting came the idea for Giveback.

Giveback’s next release will involve action campaigns in which musicians and producers donate their copyrights to raise awareness and monetary donations for the causes that matter most to them. Imagine artists using their music to shine light on important issues by offering their art to fans in return for mind-share and donations for their chosen causes. This is the concept of Giveback. Our long-term goal is to enable people to immediately take action at the point of awareness by creating an action marketplace that can surface relevant ways in which citizens can tangibly make an impact in the world. Hit me up if you have any questions or are interested in participating or investing.


World Peace.

Update: check out the first application of musicians donating their art to raise awareness for their favorite causes here