Sweetspot Goodbye

Old School Fashion studio

It’s been a wonderful three years celebrating life at the Sweetspot. The time has come to move out and give the space back to the new owners who took over recently. We’ve had a beautiful era at the space and are grateful for everyone’s presence and contribution to the Sweetspot experience.

After Simone and I built it out, the Sweetspot hatched Topspin and served as a creative space for the greater community headz including intentional gatherings, cultural movements, design explosions, dance trouping, holiday dinners, and just plain music fun. Topspin is moving literally around the corner on 20th and Colorado with more space and better parking. Stop by and visit anytime. There’ll be some familiar flavor in the new Topspin digs since we can’t help ourselves.

If you’ve ever appreciated what you’ve seen in the Sweetspot space from power tools, 20 foot bamboo, large screens, paintings, dressers, stools, bookcases, audio gear, appliances, or furniture, feel free to makeĀ an offer. It will most likely be sold out or donated in the next week. You can check out pics of stuff around the space here

In the meantime Sweetspot will live again in another day with a new beginning…