Sexy Time mix: Mimosa and Sleepyhead

Great Sexy Time mix on Memekast. Sexy Time comprises Mimosa and Sleepyhead. I’m liking these tunes at Novel Cafe in Santa Monica on a wonderful Sunday evening while putting some hours in on the computer. Dubstep, crunkstep, glitch-hop, hard to classify.¬†Might as well be called Sexytiming.

These are not to be messed with driving beats with fun and fleeting touches of sweet and chunky droppings. Cool soloing amidst tasty remixing adds to the spice. Thanks Ameet Mehta for sharing the tunes. It’s nice when we work 10 feet away from each other. Our Topspin Santa Monica office is blessed for Ameet’s music stylings and recommendations.

Click here to stream or download. Enjoy.


Fire – Sexytime
Holla Like Whoa! – Sleepyhead
Day & Night (Mimosa remix) – Kid Cudi
Take You There (Sleepyhead thizzle refix) – Sean Kingston
Club Steppin – Sexytime
Freeway – Sexytime
I’m A Flirt (Sleepyhead Remix) – R.Kelly
Dirty Diamonds – Eprom + Sleepyhead > Twista Accapella
Superbad (Mimosa Remix) – Sofia Fresh
Forgot About Dre. W/ Nelly Furtado (Mimosa Remix) – Dr.Dre

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