Victor Wooten

When I was in London for Topspin work last month, I had a chance to grab a seat at the sold out Barbican show featuring Chick Corea and Stanley Clarke with Bela Fleck and the Flecktones opening for them. I’ve seen them all before and was excited to have a chance to see them again as I’m a huge fan of Bela Fleck and Victor Wooten especially. Victor is widely regarded as one of the best bass players ever. He’s won Bass Player Magazines’ “Bass Player of the Year” three times in a row and is the first person to win it more than once according to his Wikipedia bio. I queued an hour before the show and was lucky to grab some great seats at face value from a lovely lady who had extras since her kids weren’t able to come. Bela, Victor, and his brother, Mr. Futureman were a real treat. Check out Futureman’s drumitar. The Wooten brothers definitely have the genius gene. It’s amazing to see such virtuosos artfully and skillfully moving us with their music. At the show, I managed to capture Victor Wooten ripping it up on my point and shoot camera. Enjoy.

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