Scroobius Pip

Just back from a wonderful mini-holiday-end-of-summer-celebration in the Isle of Wight at Bestival. Thanks so much to Ben Turner, Sarah Bolshi, and the Sunday Best crew for putting on such an amazing production in a magical place. Bjork, Beardyman, John Grant, The Cure, Crystal Castles, Noah and the Whale were some of my highlights. The vibe and costume action were the peak of my summer fun. The Gods were shining as we were blessed with good weather. Bestival also gave me the opportunity

to see Scroobius Pip throw down in the Ambient Forest. One of his older tunes with Dan Le Sac, Get Better, is a favorite. See below for a feel good song and video. It’s very inspiring.

Now compare that to Scroobius Pip’s new video, Let em Come, I just saw a few minutes ago:

Thanks to Jamie Richardson and Gareth Davis for the early heads up on that video. It will make me smile all day.

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