Chasing Shadows — Dr. Sin

Hung out with Jua Kali last night in from the US for some gigs in London. Jua was playing in Brick Lane and stopped by for some good catch up and a meal at one of our favorites, Busaba Eathai, on Old Street.

Jua introduced me to Chasing Shadows and some of the cooler, hard driving dub step that’s picking up steam all around the UK and Europe.

I can never find out about these good tunes early enough. Now that’s a problem I’d like to see solved in the Internet era — deliver me the cutting edge sounds as soon as humanely and technically possible.

Check out Chasing Shadow’s video Dr. Sin. This is not a light weight experience and could be construed as highly political and a bit explosive in more ways than one. I dug it and will probably look to this video again on Monday morning to get my blood flowing for the work week.

Thanks to Jua Kali for turning me onto them. Check out Jua Kali’s new video, the Chillski, below:

And get the latest track off Jua Kali’s latest album, DreadBass Soundsystem:


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