Inspirational Free Climbing Video of Alex Honnold

I just saw this free climbing video of Alex Honnold on Google+ thanks to Tom Anderson’s post. It’s a 60 Minutes clip of the world’s best rock climber who ascends the most challenging climbs without any aids, such as rope or partners. Alex is the only one who has ever free-climbed Yosemite’s Half-dome which is over 2000 feet high (1/2 a mile straight up). When I think of “superhuman feats” this is what I think of as it sets a new standard for the average person. He lives on $1000/month in his mobile van so he can pursue what he loves. It’s a truly inspirational and mind-blowing video. I felt my stomach churn and blood rush just watching it as my own fear for him set in. It’s amazing to think he has conquered this fear with such grace and strength. His humility and character make me like him even more. Mad Respect.