Band of Skulls

I saw Band of Skulls last week at

the XOYO. They put on such a great show. I first checked them out two years back at a small venue, Latitudes, and was blown away by their bold sound. These three can create a smoldering, tension filled rock. I have a shitty iPhone pic below. I should have done better. But first let’s talk about the music:

or somehow acquire their new album, Sweet Sour. I bought if off Amazon and have been listening on repeat. It’s a great sound. Highly recommend. In addition to the tracks below, I’m really digging Closer to No Where and Hometowns.

Check out their intense, a tad scary, yet disarming video. After watching all the way through and seeing the ending, I couldn’t help but chuckle. Check out some SoundCloud tracks below. I like Bruises and I know what I am:



Check out the video Stay for the little switch up at the end:



Here’s my not so hot Band of Skulls iPhone shot.



Now for a more pro, much more bad-ass, official looking image: