The Ballad by New Look

Thanks to Sean Adams for turning me onto The Ballad by New Look. As soon as I started digging the song, which was pretty much immediately, I shared it on Twitter and facebook. By that time though, I had forgotten how I was introduced to the

track. I would have given props to Sean if I recalled him at the time. I think Sean ultimately saw the “Like” in my facebook feed and reached out to share the love of the band. It was then I remembered discovering it through his feed.

We’re in a fascinating time when it comes to consuming and promoting media. I feel that link from Sean was worth more to me than just any music recommendation. That song has given me a good amount of unquantifiable joy. We can measure my behavior to this song in terms of plays, 5 star rating, frequency play ratios, etc. but I think there’s other untapped utility in this song for me as a fan. I have surplus value, because I have essentially payed nothing for it in Spotify and Soundcloud streams (hallelujah to these monster services). I’m willing to spend more money to support New Look and will likely do so immediately if I didn’t have to hunt for a suitable exchange of goods or services. For a primed fan like me, it would be ideal to see ways to engage with or buy direct from the artist in either Spotify or Soundcloud. I would be able to express my gratitude and restore the balance by buying a ticket to a show, a premium version of the song, or anything that inspires my eye. Anyone who knows what I do for a living may cry foul on potentially self-serving antics, but I speak the truth as a plain old music fan just like you. It’s about the music isn’t it? Well I’ll shut up then and give you a play of The Ballad by New Look: (thanks again to Sean!)


Back to the notion of being able to buy direct from these services: ultimately, it’s inevitable so you can count on Topspin working with our fellow music service brethren to create new ways to flow available funds back to artists. Good times ahead.


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