From Nerm's Mix — Compa and Ipman, Let Them

Nerm’s BBC 6Music mix last week was so good. I peaked on this track, Let Them — a collab from Compa and Ipman.

I had to bookmark it here, because I couldn’t find it on my regularly cruised services other than Soundcloud and YouTube (of course, everything is on YouTube). I chose the YouTube version since it had higher levels. I think this track is going to be one of those magic in a bottle type of musical moments. I found it to have serious beats with head funkin’ fun. A nice darker shade groove. Afterwards I was amped and ready to kick some serious sh*t. That’s what a little tribal dubstep will do to you.

If you like that track and

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AutoDJ by Musicmatch

Musicmatch AutoDJ 2004.


I saw Musicmatch float by on Facebook and Liked it. I reminisced about one of my favorite features, Musicmatch AutoDJ.

It was fun seeing it come to life with the team. Create all sorts of playlists from your On Demand service and MP3 library. In 2004 it was the first auto-playlist creator based on artist seeds, relationship diversity, popularity, release date, and size (#of tracks, time or bytes) combing tracks from your MP3 library and On Demand (Spotify like) subscription service. Old drawings and remnants of the spec are here: Best dog food I ever ate.