Aria Lanelle

I caught the sounds of Aria Lanelle through Fluence with her early submission of Got it Bad. I took to it quickly, because it was so damn good. It’s very easy to fall in love with her retro, style, music, and vocals. She’s so talented. Just thinking of that track is making my face contort with the soul. Damn.

Ok, so Aria came out with an EP just 4 hours ago! The tracks on that EP are incredible and divergent with so many layers. Such a great work of art. Listen now and get as excited as I am. “Back In” is incredible with a fresh beat that makes you move around. I love track “All” (night long)…wow. It’s powerful and strong. Really dug it. It’s all good. Very excited to share my love for Aria Lanelle’s music with the world. Enjoy.


And Check out the video for Got It Bad. Your face may contort too with the universal sounds of a great song.


Buy it all on iTunes and support Aria!

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