It’s me, Shamal Ranasinghe. This discourse is my attempt to restore the balance with those who radiate their creative light.

Digressions and diatribes allowed.

I’m an entrepreneur in media working to empower the creative class. My personal mission is to help artists make a living. I feel very fortunate to be able to work on that mission at Pandora as their VP of Product for Creators and Artists, where I lead Pandora’s products and services for the artist and creator community. I cofounded Fluence to make curators, tastemakers, and domain experts more accessible and give the rest of the world a means to connect directly to them. I cofounded Topspin Media in the Sweetspot in Santa Monica. Topspin is a direct-to-fan marketing and distribution platform for artists, managers, and labels, and it was sold to Beats Music in March 2014, which was soon after acquired by Apple.

I spent several years in London building out Topspin’s international presence and returned to San Francisco’s lovely Bay Area to start Fluence. I’ve been in the industry since 1996 working to advance music through technology. In 2001, I started an audio technology company focused on surround sound multi-channel audio called Soundiron. One my biggest projects ever was working with my friends to bring out a large-scale array of 3-D sound to Burning Man in 2003 with a camp I created called Sol System. Today I’m an advisor to ENVELOP, a great team building a killer multi-channel audio experience in San Francisco.

I headed up the product team at Musicmatch, which let music fans combine all MP3 Jukebox activity with their web services: Music Store, On Demand, Artist Radio, and personalization. It was a killer integrated product that sold well in the market as a service and was acquired by Yahoo. One of my favorite creations at Musicmatch was AutoDJ. I also worked on the RealJukebox MP3 Player from RealNetworks in the summer of 1999.

My favorite time is with my family and loved one. I cook, play guitar, help to manage and promote artists, and work with other entrepreneurs globally to keep the dream alive. I was born in Sri Lanka, grew up in the east coast outside Washington, DC, lived in Evanston, IL, New York City, Palo Alto, San Francisco, San Diego, Venice Beach California in Los Angeles, London, and am now back in the Bay Area living in Berkeley.

You can also check me out on Twitter @shamalman, facebookLinkedIn, and Fluence.

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  1. Shamal – Took a guess on your email addy, not sure if it was right or not. Figured I’d drop a line here as well. Nice to chat with you last night @ Chloe. I enjoyed our convo. You guys are doing some great things and the future looks bright. Look forward to connecting again soon.


  2. You Liar! Nice Flickr photo; you told me best ribeye you ever had was the one I grilled. And you drank my bottles of Opus. I welcomed you into my home, you even met my family… I feel so betrayed!

  3. Hi Nelly, nice to see you here ; )

    That ribeye was truly delicious. I expected as much since it was coated in a stick of butter. Don’t worry, your secret is safe with me : )

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  5. I’d like to congratulate you on all your success and say thank you for the creating of Fluence, a platform that allows me to reach valuable people in my journey to becoming a well-known artist. Thanks Shamal

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